Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Ozian's!

I know I haven't updated in awhile! Sorry for the lack of it. Things have gotten rather busy here!

There isn't much new news, but here are some highlights!
  • Eden Espinosa is taking over for Teal Wicks starting March 2nd
  • Teal Wicks last performance is tomorrow (Feb 28th)
  • Neka Zang did her put in for Nessarose two weeks ago
  • One of the Wicked tours includes the first female Boq and Fiyero! I'm still trying to get more info on that
  • The Wicked SF production added another block!! I'm so excited about this! As of right now tickets are on sale until early June!
I'll write more detailed entries, but just wanted to highlight some points that have been going on!

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I'm also thinking of changing this layout! We'll see :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Music Monday!

Once I'm with the wizard
My whole life will change
Cause once you're with the wizard
No one thinks you're strange!
No father is not proud of you
No sister acts ashamed
And all of Oz has to love you
When by the wizard, you're acclaimed
And this gift or this curse
I have inside
Maybe at last, I'll know why
When we are hand in hand -
The wizard and I!

I woke up this morning and this was playing in my head, all morning long! I use to not really be a fan of "The Wizard & I" but it grew on me and now its one of my favorite songs!

Eddy Rioseco's "Parenthood" trailer.

As we all know, Eddy Rioseco (who plays Boq for the SF production) will be leaving us next week for his new show on NBC called "Parenthood" which airs on March 1st.

So, I was watching The Food Network last night annndd.... the trailer was on!! I was super excited and I wanted to share it will all of you!

Also, there's a new Eddy Rioseco fanpage on Facebook, you can click here to join!

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