Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Ozian's!

I know I haven't updated in awhile! Sorry for the lack of it. Things have gotten rather busy here!

There isn't much new news, but here are some highlights!
  • Eden Espinosa is taking over for Teal Wicks starting March 2nd
  • Teal Wicks last performance is tomorrow (Feb 28th)
  • Neka Zang did her put in for Nessarose two weeks ago
  • One of the Wicked tours includes the first female Boq and Fiyero! I'm still trying to get more info on that
  • The Wicked SF production added another block!! I'm so excited about this! As of right now tickets are on sale until early June!
I'll write more detailed entries, but just wanted to highlight some points that have been going on!

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I'm also thinking of changing this layout! We'll see :)

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